Facebook posts that include a photo album or picture generate about 180% and 120% more engagement than the average post respectively, according to Facebook’s internal data.

Mashable, the web’s digital Bible for social media, states, “To ensure a brand is breaking through in this visual storytelling ecosystem, marketers need to look beyond attaching a generic image to a status update and think about specific business goals.”

Compelling visuals, images, graphics and photos amplify stories.

These elements attract interest in a way that words alone cannot. More than 250 million photos are uploaded to Facebook each day, so it isn’t just a matter of slapping up any ole picture. Professional photography allows your marketing to stand apart from the crowd and distinguishes your organization as a legitimate and credible enterprise rather than some fly by night amateur hour.

Stiefel Creative Images can help you illustrate your product, service or organizational goals in clear, tangible ways.

One of the projects we are presently working on is producing stills and video for the upcoming launch of No, it isn’t a swimwear company, although we’ve worked with those too. It is a marketing website that uses the bikini as a metaphor for sharing knowledge in the digital age to establish yourself or your company as an expert in your industry. As the creator of the website told me, “Bikini marketing works by revealing information that is interesting, attention grabbing and promising of more to come. What bikini marketing doesn’t reveal is the part the audience most wants and is willing to pay for…” is a perfect showcase for how images can be used with articles to attract interest and communicate in an instant what the title of each piece is about. I’ve been shooting several models for tasteful swimwear photos to appear on the website in the weeks ahead.

Contact us for a free consultation on how we can add rich imagery and sharp, fresh copywriting to your marketing efforts.

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