I had a photo shoot this week with the lovely Kayla Piorkowski, a Hooter’s waitress who needed some images to submit for the next calendar. She already appeared in this 2013 version. Our images, seen here, will be used for the company to determine whether she will appear in the 2014 calendar.

The Hooters Calendar features over 200 of the most beautiful Hooters girls from around the world.

Kayla8409SC 795x1200 Hooters Calendar Shoot

Model Kayla Piorkowski poses during a photo shoot to get images for submitting to appear in the annual Hooters swimsuit calendar.

Kayla’s a credit to the chain, which has 430 locations in 28 countries, offering a casual, beach-themed sports bar environment. The Hooters Girl is the quintessential, all-American “Girl Next Door” — smiling, friendly and committed to making sure every guest receives great service. Sex appeal is part of it, but when you see how hard Kayla and the other Hooters employees work, you know they are more than just pretty faces.

Kayla8224 795x1200 Hooters Calendar Shoot

I had a photo shoot this week with the lovely Kayla Piorkowski.

I’ve always enjoyed eating at Hooters, both for the eye candy and the company. Where else can a guy just go and be a guy, talking to pretty girls, drinking beer, eating a burger, and watching sports on TV? A woman’s reaction to Hooters serves as a litmus test of her coolness factor. I love accompanying a lady who is confident and fun enough to enjoy dinner at the chain.

As you can see, Kayla is in amazing physical condition. She’s also a trooper. We did this photo shoot in February… in the mountains… on a windy day… next to a waterfall that kept spraying mist on her!!!

That’s how much it meant for her to get great pictures and get in this calendar. I have to give her credit for really wanting it!

Kayla8307 795x526 Hooters Calendar Shoot Kayla8277 795x1200 Hooters Calendar Shoot Kayla8443SC 795x526 Hooters Calendar Shoot

Kayla8263 795x512 Hooters Calendar Shoot

Kayla Piorkowski

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